$49.00 USD

Eat Fruit Live Slow: Fundamentals of Raw Vegan Healing

Get the hands-on guidance you need to transition to raw veganism or plant-based healing - from a tender, open palm.

Hours of video lectures packed with layers of deep-healing wisdom (from lived experience) that you can activate today.

What you'll get:

  • Intimate personal details of Kelsey / Rosie Heals' healing story
  • Realistic, non-dogmatic tips and tools for transitioning to and sustaining a healing, raw or high raw vegan diet and lifestyle
  • Lessons in radically prioritizing rest, slowness and boundaries
  • Ways to embody soft self love
  • Hardcore empowerment in self-healing what ails you

This lecture series pairs the feels of fireside chat with the firm pillars of a masterclass. 

What People Are Saying:

EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED! Everything in this course resonated with me! Highly recommend to anyone looking to align with their true self and find their inner voice while utilizing the power of raw foods to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


LOVED IT! THAT WAS AN AMAZING COURSE. I loved your intelligent and gentle delivery. I know I'll be listening again and again as I go through this journey. My symptoms are so close to what you endured. This course has made me feel an optimism I have not felt in a long time.


JUST AWESOME - so much great information especially for beginners of raw vegan healing. I recommend this course wholeheartedly.