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15 Little Lessons in Healing Chronic Illness

Dec 19, 2022

We all traverse through different levels, expressions and avenues of soul hacking on the physical healing path. But some chapters seem uncannily common. The permeating nuances of positive change that everyone will experience once they start digging into a regenerative lifestyle, while accompanying that with the important, sometimes downright painful inner work. In the style of a note to my former self, below is a flowing, heart-spilled list of the secrets that I believe begin to reveal your cultivation of a raw little healing lifestyle to relish in.

  1. You will learn that the healing work is not a temporary hiatus of fix and return - it is life. It wasn’t love at first sight. But, like the best sweet story arcs in life, you fall madly in love with it over time.

  2. You will learn to stop pleasing others and start pleasing yourself.

  3. When the backlog of emotions is expressed and moved and purged - you will feel again. Everything.

  4. You’ll hold a new body, a self that utters a now inherent NO to the unnatural energizer bunny productivity model - the one we idolize, the one that stabs us. You’ll discover that you’re not too tired or sensitive. You’re expressing part of the range of “new” emotion and behavior of a whole person - someone who is shining up the previously clogged, stuffed and even broken receptors.

  5. You will learn that you can’t change others behavior no matter how hard you try or love them.

  6. You will learn to love every single piece of you. It will take time and training in the beauty of duality.

  7. You will learn to cultivate bliss for just YOU.

  8. You will still tumble. In novel or sometimes familiar ways. But the ground is a fucking brand new trampoline.

  9. You will release archaic, physically impacted emotional hurt. For a while.

  10. You will start choosing life and love. Coming to know what the fluffy words mean.

  11. You will go through stages of what others might label isolation. For you it is a sparkling incubation. A shake to explode. A kneading heart massage.

  12. Where prior to stripping down you were able to bathe in constant interaction and ongoing activities because of stimulating food, drink, drug and psyched out performance norms - you may now take energy hits that necessitate hibernation time - a cushiony sweet den of self devotion that is far from normalized.

  13. You will shed. And shed. And keeping shedding: people, places, things.

  14. Conditioning. It will make you feel scared to fall and lose leaves. Something in your bones will tell you though - that fear is false.

  15. And this simple, whispering awareness of fake fears - that will become the life of you.


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