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Raw Vegan Savory Hemp Ranch Dressing Recipe

Jun 21, 2022

The cashews don’t always cut it for me. They can make me feel heavy and I can become reactive if I use too many of those cute creamy vegan staple babies in a short time frame.

I used to think there was still something “wrong” with me when this would happen. But guess what? Nuts aren’t meant to be consumed heavily or often. Period. If we were to get real natural about it, we would only have a few nuts at a time because of the time and difficult effort it actually takes to harvest them. For my body this is true validation and makes perfect sense.

Lately when I want a creamy savory dressing I’ve been turning to a hemp base. It is still quite thick and delicious and leaves me feeling so much lighter:

•1/2 cup of hemp seeds

•3/4 cup of water

•3 cloves of garlic

•Tsp of onion powder1/4 tsp of salt (maybe less)

*Blend on high until creamy*

•Juice of whole lemon

•Tsp of dried dill (or more)

•1/2 tsp of oregano

•1/8 tsp of ground mustard seed

•Pinch of dried basil

*Blend on low for 30 seconds*

I also added fresh oregano, thyme and topped it with black pepper.

I would still say - this is a pretty heaping amount of seeds (for me). Hemp seeds are my favorite in the nut/seed category because I seem to tolerate them best. But I know that it doesn’t mean I should go all out with them either. So this is not an everyday dressing for me, but a lovely, simple thing to have on hand.

How do you regulate your nuts and seeds lately?